Let's Get Naked Massage Candle
Let's Get Naked Massage Candle

Let's Get Naked Massage Candle

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Yeah you read that right. We’re getting naked.

We made the ultimate skin nourishing massage candle to quench your skin.

Grab your partner (or not... we totally love a self care moment!), turn on some relaxing tunes, and get ready to indulge in a lavender field of relaxation.


How To Use:

Light for 15-20 mins, just long enough for
a small melt pool to form.
Once a melt pool has formed, extinguish the flame.
Pour massage soy wax and apply to hand or skin (don’t worry, it won’t be too hot).

Ingredients: soy wax, Shea butter, vitamin e oil, sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil. (All ingredients are skin safe).

***be sure to test a small area of skin before
applying in larger areas.*** Any almond extract ingredient may not be safe for someone with a tree nut allergy.

This massage candle comes in a white jar 3.5” inches high by 3” inches wide with a silver lid.

Please read warning label stuck on bottom of jar for proper candle maintenance.

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