Sassy, relatable, and humorous. Improper Candles was born out of the love for reality tv (mostly Bravo), dogs, dinner parties, basic b*tch Instagram moments, a strong cocktail, and a good F-bomb from time to time.
The founder, Karla, has always had a lifelong love affair with candles. When the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown happened and stay at home orders were in place she knew she needed to restock her candle supply because for her, candles are the cherry on top for creating a comfortable, loving, and happy space but there was a problem. At the time, local retail stores were either closed or sold out of candles and online stores were delayed and on back order. She took matters into her own hands and made her own candle as a fun quarantine activity. She took it a step forward and created a label that read "Stay The F*ck Home." As any millennial would..she shared her DIY finished product on her social media, and the rest was history. 
"I wanted to create my own candle that was made from the best materials and ingredients. I also wanted to create a label that would make me smile or laugh during a troublesome time in the world...as I continued making different labels, it made me happy knowing it made other people smile, and for just that second, they were happy." 
Karla created scents that reminded her of a luxury hotel room, or the next vacation she wanted to take when she was able to travel again. Keeping quality has always been the top priority. We only use 100% USA soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, and we source the highest quality of fragrance oils (paraben and phthalate free). Candles are made in small batches to keep quality on the scent and hand pour for every candle.
We donate 5% of each sale to help homeless, abused, or injured dogs in Tijuana, Mexico. Funds are given to our hand picked &  vetted volunteer groups that get the dogs off the street or abusive home, we help pay for medical if needed and then get them placed in a rescue or a permanent loving home once they are medically cleared. If you would like to donate to the cause without having to purchase a candle please send us an e-mail so we can share the information with you.  XOXO THANK YOU